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How to Change your Life by adding the Lost Art of Listening

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I was sitting in meditation yesterday and was given the gift of this topic. Since then, I have been thinking about all the ways that we could improve our lives with the addition of the simple, yet over-looked skill of listening.


Mindfulness is more than a meditation thing. It’s about being aware. It’s about really listening to the symphony of your life as it swirls around you.


Here are just a few examples for your consideration:


Imagine how your relationships might improve if you really listened to the people around you. Nothing makes people feel more loved and accepted more than your undivided attention. In listening to someone’s story, you become a part of the narrative. Our lives take on an unexpected richness and depth when we shift our focus away from our ego-driven self. I dare you to try it for just one day. Instead, of pulling alone the baggage of all you are dealing with, step outside yourself and listen to the voices in your life. Allow yourself to see the world through the eyes of a coworker or family member. I think you will be surprised by what you uncover. Today, I’d like to remind myself to simply speak less, listen more.


This is a daily challenge for me, but I honestly want to be more mindful of my surroundings. I am tired of going through the motions of life and missing the experience of living. Stop and think about how much of your life is on auto pilot. How many times have I been driving and not even noticed a beautiful sunset that is right there in front of me. How many times have a prepared dinner for my family and never stopped to think about how blessed I am to have this food and the opportunity to nourish the people I love. Listen to your life. Can you hear the sounds of your gifts? Listen to your home. The clatter of your son’s hot wheels, the rumble of the dishwasher, the wind and rain against the window, the whir of your teenaged daughter’s hair dryer, the crunch of your dog eating kibble, the rattle of your husband’s snore… These are the echoes of your blessings. I believe that listening in this way creates gratitude and there is no greater feeling in the world than feeling thankful and blessed.


Finally, I want to be a better listener when it comes to my own inner wisdom. There is a still, small voice within each of us. It knows what is right or wrong for us, without discussion. It knows the answer to every problem. We just aren’t in the habit of listening. For some of us, we haven’t slowed down enough to tune into the right frequency. A tiny shift in your thinking might be all it takes. Believe me, it is there. You have everything you need already with you. You have a power and strength that can carry you through every dilemma. We just have to stop, get still, get quiet, breathe, and listen.



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In this crazy, loud, over-stimulated world, we have lost the ability to simply, authentically listen. I encourage you to practice this lost art. Who knows, when you become more mindful of the world around you, the Universe might just become more in tune with you, and there is no way of guessing what that might do!!!!


Have a wonderful, blessed week!
I love you all!


p.s. I know this was a bit long. Thanks for sticking with me 😊



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