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Today’s Goal: One Word: gratitude


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Today’s word: gratitude


My story:
Since my transformation into a happier person, I have discovered a few spiritual concepts that are magical. Seriously. This stuff works like magic. It probably just seems that way to me because I don’t understand all the science, but who cares? It still works.


Here is a big one: gratitude.


I’ve learned that being grateful for the good things in my life does several things:
1. When I feel thankful for what I have, it makes me feel humble. I recognize grace.
2. When I feel grateful for my health, I actually feel healthier, and tend to get more exercise.
3. When I feel grateful for my family and close friends, my relationships are stronger, because I am less judgmental of people I am thankful for.
4. When I am thankful for my blessings, I tend to automatically notice more things to be thankful for. This starts a chain-reaction of positive energy that actually produces more things to be grateful for.


There are also lots of tasty little tidbits about this topic such as how gratitude raises your dopamine levels in your brain, which makes you happier and gives you a chemical reward for making good choices!


Also, gratitude has been proven to improve your sleep and increase your energy. But wait! There’s more! Feelings of gratitude tend to decrease the effects of depression and anxiety.


There is a wonderful article in Psychology Today, written by an actual Ph.d. who can explain all this better than me. I highly suggest you check it out. It is very reader-friendly, and fascinating. Here is the link.

Dr. Korb’s article, The Grateful Brain

The article will open in a separate window.

Is your life so busy that you can’t stop and think about how blessed you are?

Takeaway: You are surrounded by wonderful people and things that make your life easier. The more you consciously notice your blessings, the sooner they will start to multiply. What you put your focus on, expands.


Today’s goal: Today I will notice every good thing in my life. I will feel a sense of gratitude and be pleased that I am so blessed.


Affirmation to go:

I will proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving,
And tell of all Your wondrous works.

Psalms 26:7



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