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More Light and Love Chapter 3: Creativity

You are never more like your Creator than when you are creating. That same Universal energy that created everything is in you.

You may think “But, I’m not very creative.” This is simply not true. Someone probably told you this and along the way, you started to believe it. You decided it’s safer not to try.

Here is the truth. You were made from divine energy, in God’s image. There is a spark in you that yearns to create.

There are activities that light you up on the inside, in a very personal way. Maybe it’s drawing or writing. It could be cooking, woodworking, or problem-solving. You probably already know what it is.

If you’re not sure, get out there and explore. You weren’t afraid to be adventurous when you were a child. Don’t be so grown up that you never play.

Ignore the lies that say, “It’s too hard,” “It’s too scary,” “It’s too much work,” or “It’s a waste of time.”

This is the joy of being who you were meant to be. This is your connection to God.

Just have fun!

Be safe.

Be whole.

Be happy.

I Love you all!


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