How to be happy!

This is the one I hope no one reads.




I watched a YouTube video this morning about an athlete (a runner). He is a veteran Marine, who lost the lower portion of his right leg in Afghanistan. Yes, he is a runner. His name is Kionte Storey, if you want to check him out.
Anyway, this incredible young man basically said that being blown up was the thing that turned his life around in a positive way. As if the loss of his leg was a gift!
I thought about this for a while.

What if every bad thing that happens to us is intended to be a gift?

I believe this is true.
Even for me.
I know that my purpose is to use my words to help others. If that is true, then it can only come from a place that is real.

I have covered up much of my story because I was embarrassed by the poor decisions I’ve made. If the next step I take is to be authentic, then I must own the gift that is my past. It is, after all, who I am.
This moment will give me ownership of my future and hopefully, the tools to help someone else.


I am 53 years old.

I have been married 4 times.
I have known abuse.
I have struggled with anxiety, depression, addictions, and thoughts of suicide.
I have been selfish, ignorant, impulsive, irrational, and cruel.
At the age of 52, I discovered my real life; the one I have been preparing for all along.
I believe in a Power higher than myself.

I still struggle, because I am learning, but I know how to be content and I understand my purpose.


I send this out into the Universe to declare that I am open. I have nothing left to hide.

Dear God,
I am open to your Love.
May it flow through me, unimpeded by the obstacles of my secrecy and shame.
I give all that to you.
Thank you for your grace and patience.



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