How to be happy!

Maybe there is something to this “Love thy neighbor” thing.




You are in a relationship with everyone. I know we don’t usually think of it that way, but it’s true. You are in a relationship with your special someone, of course, but also with your friends, family members, bosses, teachers, coworkers, even the person you see on the bus every day.

To some extent, for better or worse, each one is a part of your life.

Before we go any further, be assured, I’m not going to address close, personal (significant-other) types of relationships, because they are complicated and can be crazy and confusing. It would be insulting to try and fix something like that in this small space.

For the rest of them, I’d like to make a proposal. What if we could choose what kind of relationships to have in our lives?

Think about that person at work or school that gets on your nerves. It’s not love or hate; just an annoyance. Just for a moment, imagine how your stress levels would go down if that person were actually your friend.

That relationship could happen today if you wanted it to. It might only require a bit of patience or a few minutes of open-hearted listening. We all come from the same place. We all are made of the same things. We all share the same heart.

The people in our lives are all around us anyway, we might as well make the most of what we have.

How amazing would my life be if everyone I came in contact with were, in some way, bringing me a blessing?

Just something to think about…

Love ya!


2 thoughts on “Maybe there is something to this “Love thy neighbor” thing.”

  1. There is a child who looks at me with great mistrust. I choose to go about my day, with no special attention to her- either positive or negative, unless it has to do with my work. Sooner or later, she will see that I am no threat.

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